Gain Two Certifications In One!

IASME Governance includes Cyber Essentials certification.

IASME Governance includes the five cyber essentials technical topics and adds additional topics that includes:

   Risk assessment and management
✓  Change management
✓  Training and managing people
✓  Backup
  Incident response
✓  Business continuity 

Align your business with the GDPR Requirements

IASME Governance enables your business to comply with the GDPR requirements.

The IASME Governance Standard

The time and resource requirements to achieve ISO 27001 certification often precludes small and medium sized businesses. 

IASME Governance is a low cost, yet effective alternative information assurance standard that mirrors many of the key principles of the ISO27001 standard.

The similarities make the IASME governance standard a great step for small and medium sized enterprises on their journey towards ISO 27001 certification!

Demonstrate your Commitment to Cyber Security

Gain an industry recognized qualification that demonstrates your commitment to cyber security. 

The Two Levels of IASME Governance Certification

The IASME Governance self-assessment is performed online using IASME’s secure portal. The assessment requires organisations to answer around 160 short questions about their security.

You will get access to the portal immediately after paying for the assessment and will have up to six months to complete the answers.

Holders of IASME Governance Self Assessed can apply for IASME Governance Audited certification.

IASME governance audited is IASME’s highest level of certification and can be awarded in 3 levels;
Gold, Silver and Bronze (depending on the level of compliance achieved).

The audit consists of a Key Sigma consultant attending your site to interview your information security team and audit your information security documentation, and configuration.

Choose a level of support that your business needs ....

IASME Governance Self Assessment

 cyber essentials certification included
 1 free retest
✓ free cyber liability insurance

Ideal for companies who:
 do not require any help to implement IAMSE Governance standard 
 are already familiar with the IASME Governance and Cyber Essentials assessment process

IASME Governance Personalised Support Package

 guaranteed IASME Governance and Cyber Essentials certifications**
 includes GDPR questions to certify you as GDPR ready
 ‘start-to finish’ remote support from the Key Sigma consultants that is tailored to your IT systems 
 includes a documentation pack including standard process templates and documents, for you to use within your organisation
 free cyber liability insurance

Ideal for companies who:
 need support in completing the IASME governance questionnaire
 require guidance to make their systems compliant with IASME Governance

** Our consultants will not release your questionnaires for assessment until we are 100% confident that you are fully compliant with the standard(s). Our personalised support package therefore guarantees your success!**

Key Sigma IASME Governance Helping Hand
IASME Governance Audited

IASME Governance Audited

IASME Governance audited is an external audit of your business’s security to to verify its compliance with the IASME Governance standard.

Ideal for companies who:

 already hold IASME governance self-assessed status
 are on the path towards ISO:27001 certification. 

Your IASME Governance Questions Answered ....

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