IASME Governance Audited

Holders of IASME Governance Self Assessed can apply for IASME Governance Audited certification.

IASME governance audited is IASME’s highest level of certification and depending on the level of compliance, can be awarded at 3 levels; Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The IASME Governance audit consists of a Key Sigma consultant assessing your company’s information security policies and processes at your head office. The audit comprises of:

• Reviews of your company’s documentation
• Reviews of your system’s configuration
• Interviews with your members of staff

Depending upon the size of your organisation, it may be necessary to visit branch offices or other locations in addition to your head office.

The audit is scheduled at mutually convenient time (ideally when your company’s technical staff are available to provide evidence to the Key Sigma assessor).

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